Notes from the Commander:

Family and loved ones of a Veteran, do you know what your Veteran is entitled to when they pass away?

Burial at a veteran’s memorial cemetery with a color guard and headstone are just a few. But to claim these benefits you need to have access to some important documentation. The service discharge form (or DD-214) should be kept in a safe location accessible to the veteran and next of kin or designated representative. The veteran’s preference regarding burial in a national cemetery and use of a headstone provided by VA should be documented and kept with this information also.  If burial is not in a VA Cemetery, the VFW can provide a color guard for the veteran.

The following documents will be needed for claims processing related to a veteran’s death: (1) veteran’s marriage certificate for claims of a surviving spouse or children; (2) veteran’s death certificate if the veteran did not die in a VA health care facility; (3) children’s birth certificates or adoption papers to determine children’s benefits; (4) veteran’s birth certificate to determine parents’ benefits.  (5) Veteran’s DD-214

Safeguard these forms and ensure more than one person knows where this paperwork is. We recommend that you do not keep these items in a safe deposit box as that box may be sealed at the time of death and not immediately accessible.

Post History

 In a vacant store in Portage Plaza, March 20th 1965, the new post was instituted by Clarence Schumacher. Three months later on June 17th, the first meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary was called to order by Edith Brown.

The post moved to McClish bldg on Portage Rd in 1966 then moved again in 1969 to the Stevens Electrical bldg also on Portage Rd. In 1971 the post finally settled in its current location on Sprinkle Rd.

In 1967 the auxiliary started a flag fund to obtain their colors, and on June 15th, 1968 the new flags were dedicated.

During Poppy Days in 1971 members were disheartened to learn that most of the building was destroyed by fire. Only the original kitchen remained. Membership in the auxiliary dropped down to 39 and all post records, flags, ect were destroyed in the fire.

The post held together with the grit and determination of the remaining loyal member slowly rebuilding while adding on at the same time.

In 1979 the post began a construction project doubling the size of the post by 1980 and in 1993, the post purchased the southern property.

Hall Rental

Looking for a meeting hall for your next function? The Portage VFW Post 5855 has just the area you are looking for. Our spacious meeting hall can accommodate events from retirement parties, and wedding receptions, to fundraising and benefit dinners. If you would like to see the room or to get any information on price and availability contact the VFW at 269-323-9088.


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May Newsletter

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 We would like to welcome the following members to Portage VFW post 5855:


May these Veterans fight no more and muster together in eternal peace. Amen

Former Post Commander Bob Hill